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Regional Recycled Water Program Groundbreaking

In February 2022, East Valley Water District, San Bernardino Municipal Water Department, and San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District broke ground on Phase I of the Regional Recycled Water Project.

The multi-phase regional project will store and transport water through Highland and San Bernardino. Phase I includes construction of a 30-inch pipeline that will bring water to the Weaver Basins site. Phase II extends the Regional Recycled Water System through construction of Dike D and the Enhanced Recharge Basins, and connection to San Bernardino Water’s Tertiary Treatment System (TTS).

“The Weaver Basins are one critical piece of the regional puzzle and an investment in our region’s long-term water supply sustainability,” commented East Valley Board Chairman Phillip R. Goodrich.

The Weaver Basins project is a part of WATERSHED CONNECT’s continued effort toincrease long-term regional water supply reliability and drought resilience. Recycled water will augment the local groundwater supply of the Bunker Hill Groundwater Basin.

“Regional efforts have been on-going to replenish groundwater in the San Bernardino Basin, especially given the on-going drought conditions over the last few years,” stated San Bernardino Water Board President, Toni Callicott. “Even without rain, we will always have a source of recycled water that can be treated and kept locally. It’s exciting to be designing and building these facilities now.”

It is expected that the Weaver Basins project will be completed in December 2022.


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